I’m Game 120 Games Handheld Player Review

I’m Game GP 120 is a handheld gaming device that is great for children of all ages. Because it is packed with 120 games it has the ability to keep children busy for hours, which is great for long car rides or days at home.

This small gaming device is portable and can fit in a pocket or bag. Measuring only 7.6×6.5×1.7 inches it is one of the smallest portable gaming devices. Its small shape is great for children, because their tiny hands are able to reach all of the buttons needed for game play.

It features a 2.7 inch clear display with bright colors, making it fun and easy to enjoy every game available. The directional key pad is located on the left side of the controller while the A and B action buttons are on the right. And the power and volume control buttons are featured on the top of the device.

The I’m Game 120 Games Handheld Player has a built in speaker, which can be found at the bottom of the device, but it also features a 3.5mm headphone jack, so the player can enjoy the sound effects without disrupting people around.

When browsing through the 120 games you’ll notice that there are different categories available. Some games were created for learning purposed to help with logic, math, and memory. While other games are intended for entertainment purposes only, such as the adventure, sports, action, racing and puzzle games.

The I’m Game gaming device comes in three different colors; black, red, and blue. It also features a USB cable or an AV adapter for at home play, although for portable play it required AAA batteries, and a wrist strap for easy portability.

Another advantage to the I’m Game device is that it has an AV output, so you can plug it inot a TV or monitor for a larger display.

Table of Contents


  • 120 games
  • Wrist strap for secure portability
  • USB cable, AC Adapter or AAA for power
  • Three color choices; red, black, blue
  • Audio Jack or built in speakers
  • 16-bit gaming


  • Over 120 games of varying genres for all day fun
  • Small, compactible shape perfect for children
  • 7 inch TFT color screen, or AV option to plug into a larger monitor


  • Not ideal for older children/adults
  • No internet access, meant specifically for gaming
  • Only games available are the ones preloaded onto device


The I’m Game Handheld Game Player is a great choice for children that will be stuck in a car all day or need something to keep them occupied on a rainy day at home. With over 120 different games, varying in genre and difficulty a child can stay busy for hours.

This portable gaming device can be both fun and educational, because the memory, logic, and math games can help children improve their knowledge in an exciting way. With two options for power, USB cable, AC adapter, or AAA batteries, it is safe to say that the battery power on this device is ever lasting.

With AV capabilities, the option to plug it into a larger screen, when available, is a major perk to this handheld device. Not only will this increase the enjoyability of game play, but it can also help reduce headaches or eye strain on the player.

Featured in three different colors to appease any child, the I’m Game Play is best for younger children that are just beginning to play on handheld devices.

Because the I’m Game Handheld Game Player only place the 120 games that are predownloaded onto the device, it can become a little repetitive and boring over time. There is no way to upgrade the games or add new ones, nor can you access social media, stream videos, or browse the web using this device.

Compared to other devices on the market with more technology instilled into them, this may not be the best portable gaming device to purchase.

If you are under a limited budget the I’m Game 120 Games Handheld Player is a great asset for children for portable gaming, but if you are willing to spend a little more purchase a device that allows internet access for a multi-entertainment feature.

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