Nintendo DSi Review

Since the early seventies, we have seen the development of the video game industry through the release of different video game consoles. With each new model, a higher level of the processor, video graphics, and audio performance are introduced. This led to the high-definition video game consoles that we know and use today.

With the innovations in standard video game consoles which are plugged into televisions, we have also seen developments in the handheld video game consoles. These portable video games enable users to continue playing their favorite games wherever they go.

One such renowned handheld video game console is the Nintendo DSi. When its predecessor the Nintendo DS was released in 2004, consumers were still confused why this type of handheld video game had dual screens and what were the purpose of each.

Still, the developments after the first Nintendo DS have provided a gameplay experience which has been loved by gamers all over the world. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Nintendo DSi.


A summary of the features of the Nintendo DSi is as follows:

  • 25 inches Dual Scree
  • Downloadable Games, Clock, Calendar through the DSi Online Store
  • Have dual cameras with 11 lenses
  • Photo-editing feature
  • Internet connection for sharing photos and playing with other Nintendo DSi users
  • SD card enabled
  • 256 MB internal storage
  • Can play music
  • DSi sound application for sound recording and editing
  • Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces

The Nintendo DSi is an improved model from the DS Lite were one of the first things you will notice is that it has a sturdier and matte body. It has dual cameras that let you take photos inwards and outwards.

The new firmware of the Nintendo DSi lets you connect to the online store, upload and share photos, interact with other users, and even plays music. It has a 256MB internal storage for storing your photos and music, or you can expand your memory by inserting and SD card in the SD card slot.

The Nintendo DSi Sound application lets you record and edit voice and sound recording to distort and adjust them according to the provided audio filters. The Sound application is where you can also play your music files as long as they have AAC format.

The Nintendo DSi store now lets users download games and utility applications and store them in the internal or external memory. One of the downloadable application for the Nintendo DSi is the Wario: Photograph which lets you edit your photos and make them more fun.


  • It has an 17% bigger screen than the DS lite model
  • Has a matte and almost rubberized texture for easier grip while playing
  • Has a bigger RAM for faster gameplay
  • Dual cameras that have 0.3 megapixels
  • 12% slimmer than the DS lite
  • Has an online Nintendo DSi shop where you can download and purchase games and utility applications
  • Has a 256 MB internal memory and an SD card slot for additional memory
  • Your downloaded games, photos, music and utility applications can be saved on the internal memory or the SD card
  • Has new and fun games and utilities like PictoChat, music player, sound editor, and photo editor
  • Lets you play music and edit audio recordings to distort and change the pitch, speech, and sound
  • Lets you share photos and edit them
  • Has a faster internet connection than the DS lite
  • You can change games without turning off the whole console
  • Have parental controls


  • No longer has a slot where you can plug your old Game Boy Advance games
  • Has a shorter battery life than the DS lite
  • While it can play music, it can only access AAC files
  • While there are two cameras in the Nintendo DSi, this does not mean that you can use this for taking pictures and selfies due to its low-resolution cameras
  • Has a new charger so older DScharger models cannot be used to charge this model


The Nintendo DSi provides handheld video game console gamers a better gaming experience from their older DS lite models. Its new feature lets users download their games and utility applications straight from the Nintendo DSi online store.

Fun applications like the PictoChat lets you edit your photos and share them with your friends while the Nintendo DSi Sound editor lets you record audio files and edit their sound, speed, and pitch. The Nintendo DSi makes playing game fun and easy.


The Nintendo 2DS handheld video game console is also a portable video game that merges the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS features in a 2D format.

Unlike the Nintendo DS models which have a flip-type build, the Nintendo 2DS has a single flat surface in which both screens are located. This model also has Wifi connectivity that lets you connect, play, and interact with other players.

The PlayStation Portable is perhaps one of the most sought for handheld video game console with its wide screen and high-quality graphics. It has a built-in Wifi, Web browser, music player and photo viewer.

The PSP lets users browse the internet and watch videos through its wide screen but it takes some time of getting used to for you to navigate web pages by using the buttons. Much like the Nintendo DSi, you can download and save games through the memory card but game data takes up lots of space.


The Nintendo DSi is one of the most welcomed improvements in the handheld video game console with its new features. It lets users download games and utility applications directly from the Nintendo DSi online store just as long as a steady Wifi connection is available.

Players can also use their Nintendo DSi to edit and share their photos through PictoChat, as well as record and edit audio files as well. The Nintendo DSi also provides for a music player as long as the music files are in the AAC format. With these new features, the Nintendo DSi is truly a remarkable handheld video game console.

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