Handheld Game Console

Best Portable Game Console

It can be very difficult to purchase a portable game console. You want something that is going to keep you entertained for a long period of time, doesn’t have to hook up to a television and something that offers good quality games that you are actually interested in playing.

Deciding on what kinds of games you like to play can really help to narrow down the console selection on the market. Make sure you set a budget and stick with it. There are a ton of portable consoles on the market and unless you are going to use your console on a regular basis you probably don’t want to break the bank by buying one.

It is extremely important to have a look at the company warranty on the portable console that you are looking at, in order to get an idea of what kind of coverage you have.

Warranty is also a great way to check and make sure that the product is of a high quality; another way to check for quality is to check out customer reviews on the product and see what people think of it.

If you really have your options narrowed down you can also check out the manufacturer’s specifications on the device to see if there are any features that really appeal to you.

How to choose the best portable game console?

Once you have decided on your budget and have a few ideas in your head for the consoles that you might be interested in purchasing then there are a couple other ways that you can narrow down your search. It is a very good idea to talk with friends and see what devices they play on.

If no one has the device you are looking at, then it is either brand new or it is old and out of date. Knowing what consoles your friends play on is important because all the newest systems offer co-op and multiplayer games and these are a lot more fun to play than just regular single player games.

If you like taking lengthy trips you may even want to take battery life into account; or if there are portable chargers available for the device.

Depending on the kind of quality gaming experience that you want, it is a good idea to look at screen resolution, speaker sound, and the placement of buttons. If you are still having a difficult time choosing your console you could also look at the games available on each console.

One good way to pick a device is pick out your top 5 games and rate them from 1-10. Add up your results and then you will have a better idea of which games you want to play more and what console these games belong to.

You should also take the release date of the console into account because that can make a huge difference on the availability of games as well as the quality of graphics the console is capable of displaying.

Some other negatives to buying an old console is that they are generally more prone to damage or breaking and it can be difficult to find someone who is able to repair the system for a reasonable cost.

Who should buy a portable game console?

Anyone who travels for long distances, goes for long car rides or doesn’t always enjoy watching television should buy a portable gaming console.

Another great reason to purchase a portable console rather than one that is always hooked up to your television is that you can easily store a portable console; while a console that stays put will just add more wires and complicated configuring to your television setup.

Portable consoles are ideal for power outages as well and can play games off of a built in battery for many hours depending on your settings. Unlike a regular non-portable console, when the power shuts off, your game keeps going and you don’t lose your progress and have to start over.

Having a portable console is so much better than a stationary console because you can carry it around the room with you and even walk around your house and socialize with other people all while still enjoying your gameplay. These are great communication tools and allow you to stay closer with friends.

You can expect to be able to talk on online chat, play games in multiplayer or co-operative gameplay and some consoles even allow the use of some social media platforms to further enjoy and maybe even brag about your gaming experiences.

Portable consoles are also great for lazy people. With a portable console you don’t have to shut off as many things when you leave the room.

Things you won’t have to worry about are things such as your television, your speaker system, gaming console and controllers. All you literally have to do is save your game then turn the power off to your portable device; you are free to carry on with whatever it is that you are interested in.

To Conclude

Buying a portable console is not going to be easy. Make sure you do the proper research and stick within your budget range.

If something is over your budget and you still want to purchase it, just make sure you are positive it is worth the extra money and that you are going to get good use out of the console. By going portable you are not only saving your hydro bill but you are also giving your body a break by allowing it to play in whatever position you feel is comfortable.

A portable console allows you to maintain your good posture, or lie down and do some gaming anywhere that you please. If you are into gaming all hours of the day and night, almost all of the portable consoles on the market allow you to still play on the console while it is charging.

As an added bonus many of the consoles on the marketplace today are compatible with other stationary console platforms and some even allow you to continue your gameplay across both of your devices.