Can you Rent Video Game Consoles?

Video games offer hours of fun and adventure for both children and adults alike. Not only do the current video games and game consoles provide amazing graphics and audio, they also provide family and friends a way to spend quality time together as they go through each stage of a video game.

However, owning that newly released video game console can be quite difficult especially if you are low on cash and have other bills to pay. Another problem is with having a bad credit status with your bank, such that you can’t use your credit card to purchase a new video game console until your bad credit status is lifted.

So what do you do? While you can always wait for however long until you can save up cash to buy that new gaming console, you can always look for other alternatives. One way is by finding a trustworthy video game console lessor.

Who would’ve thought that with the huge number of video games and video game console models in the market nowadays, people would be setting up a way that gaming enthusiasts can rent video game consoles and even choose whether they would like to avail of a “rent-to-own” service?

In this article, we will discuss some of the online video game console rentals that you can apply for if you would like to start your gaming experience with that newly released model.

Rent Delite

Rent Delite is an easy and affordable way you can rent your video games and video game consoles without the need for long-term contracts. They provide rent-to-own services where you will pay a monthly fee until you have fully paid for a specific console.

To rent a video game console, you will simply need to register an account, choose the product of your choice and complete the application form. Your chosen console will be delivered directly to your home where you can have the option to return it after your one-month rental period or “own” it by applying for a rent-to-own application.

The cost that you will have to pay will depend on the actual amount of the console, but they provide services where you can place your actual budget to let you see where it can fit.

Flex Shopper

Flex Shopper is another place where you can rent video games and other electronics one. They provide up to $2,500 spending limit for each person so you can have the choice of how many products you would like to rent as long as it fits this limit.

To rent a video game console from Flex Shopper, you will be required to fill up an online application form and select from their huge line of products the brand and model of a specific console that you like. After approval, your chosen video game console will be delivered to your doorstep.

If you choose to continue renting your console after the first month, you can own it after making all your payments for a full year. The payments for renting a video game is done on a weekly basis but can be changed to bi-weekly or monthly after the initial lease term of one month.


Founded in 1986, Rent-A-Center operates in thousands of locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Their stores offer rental purchase services on various products like furniture, appliances, computers, and electronics.

Their service focuses on rent-to-own so you can choose among their video game consoles that have already been prepackaged with games that you can start playing immediately. You can also choose to rent a manufacturer refurbished item at a much lower price if you plan to save more.

To apply for a service, you will need to submit an online application then visit their nearest local outlet where you can also get a hands-on check on the video game console of your choice. After your account is verified, your chosen video game console will be delivered at your doorstep.


If you are simply looking for a video game console to rent on a daily basis, you can head over to Zilok. This website connects renters and lessors with each other so you can have an easier time to find someone who is willing to rent their console to you for a price.

To rent a video game console through Zilok, you will need to choose an available unit and model that owners are currently renting out through Zilok. Upon reserving the item, you will be paying a retainer fee and will be directly contacting the owner of the unit to schedule your meet-up.

The full payment for the rental will be given on the day you personally return the product to the owner. This service is great for individuals who would simply like to try playing a game that is exclusive to a specific console and have no plans on purchasing a new video game console unit.

Ace Rent-to-Own

Opening its first store in 1982, Ace Rent-to-Own currently has 2o store locations in the Nebraska and Iowa areas. They provide rentals of various products, among which are video game consoles. With this rental service, you can have the option of returning the merchandise without paying any additional fees or replace it with a different product.

To apply for a rental, you will need to apply for an account and be validated. You can choose whether you would like to settle your payments on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. If you would like to buy out your product earlier than the agreed period, you will be granted a discount.

By choosing among these rental and rent-to-own services, you can start playing with the video game console and video game that you like immediately. What is great with these services is that there is little or no monthly interest charges that you have to worry about as compared to purchasing merchandise through your credit card from an electronics store or online store.

Renting a video game console is truly an innovative way that gamers and simple individuals alike can have the gaming experience and fun they want without worrying about spending money in one blow.

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