Finding the Right Video Game Console Distributors

Every year, video game console manufacturers come up with new models and a long list of video games that are best played with these new consoles.

New console models and video games can be quite expensive especially if they are newly released. This is why most video game players opt to wait for a few weeks before purchasing in the hopes that the prices go down, or simply ask among their friends if they can borrow the game until they can purchase their own copies.

Borrowing video games can be a bit easier, but what if you want a new video game console but find that it is still too expensive? Whether you want to open up your own video game console retail store or would simply like to purchase video game consoles at cheap prices, it is important that you find a trusted supplier or distributor.

Finding a trustworthy and credited distributor will ensure that you are getting original video games and video game consoles at a wholesale price.

Trusted suppliers and distributors have a direct partnership with video game consoles, games, and accessories’ manufacturers. This is the reason why they are able to sell these products at a very low price as compared to directly purchasing them at the mall.

When you visit the online sites of video game manufacturers, some post the names of their video game distributors in various locations so you can easily view their websites and contact them. Still, a problem with most of these suppliers is that they have very strict requirements especially if you would like to set up your own retail store.

One of the easier ways that you can get to a video game console distributor is by contacting someone who already has a video game console and game retail store and directly purchases products from a distributor. If you happen to have a video game retailer in your area, they can advise you on how to contact a distributor and possibly refer you to one.

One thing to be wary of when looking for distributors online—it is not recommended that you purchase from those that claim to sell video game consoles and video games at up to 50% off the actual price even if you are going to purchase wholesale. For products that have been recently released, the prices won’t go down to half in its first two years since it has been released.

So if they are selling consoles and games at ridiculously low prices, it can only mean that they may be selling copies or defective products. There is no way that video game console manufacturers of PlayStation and Xbox will be distributing their consoles to distributors and permit them to sell these products below the retail prices.

If you are looking for video game console distributors, check the following trustworthy distributors:

Game World Distributors

This distributor has been distributing video game consoles, accessories, and video games for 25 years. It has a direct buying relationship with the video game industry manufacturers and has a local store located in Flushing, Queens, New York.

Buying directly from Game World Distributors can be done by purchasing products from them online or by visiting their showroom in Queens. Accordingly, they are serving 2,000 accounts locally and internationally for video game enthusiasts and retailers.

Ingram Entertainment

Ingram Entertainment is an authorized distributor of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo video game consoles. In addition to letting you choose from a wide array of video game consoles, accessories, and software, Ingram Entertainment provides various programs and services, as well as supporting smaller retailers with connecting them to suppliers.

They have a physical store located at Two Ingram Boulevard, La Vergne, TN. If you need to help in setting up your retail store, learning from Ingram Entertainment and purchasing video game consoles and other products from them will surely help you.


Starting as a video game retailer in 1991, eStarland is an online video game retailer and wholesaler. They provide products and accessories that have anything to do with video games and anime. You can contact them online through their website landline, or email when purchasing a product for personal use or retail selling.

For those who would are simply looking for a console to own at a cheaper price, eStarland sells pre-owned video game consoles which you can purchase online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Sonic Gaming

Another reliable wholesale distributor, Sonic Gaming has a wide array of video game consoles, software, and accessories that you can purchase once you sign up as a member. You can purchase their products online at a lower market price.

If you would like to enter a partnership with them as your distributor, you can submit a contact request form to know the wholesale price range.

U.S. Games Distribution

Established in 1998, US Games Distribution has been providing wholesale distribution of video game hardware, accessories, software, and prepaid gaming cards. Upon visiting their site, you will notice that they do not provide prices unless you directly contact them.

US Games Distribution claims to provide all your latest hardware and software gaming needs and have them shipped with a low shipping rate.

These are only five of the video game console distributors which can be found online. As we have discussed earlier, it is essential that you contact an authorized distributor whether you are going to purchase a console for your own use or for opening up your own retail store. This can ensure that any factory defects that you encounter with any video game console unit can be easily addressed since your distributor has a direct line with the manufacturers.

Furthermore, if you are going to open your own retail store, finding a distributor that can provide you with a low price range is a great advantage since you can sell your products at a competitive price even when compared with other bigger sellers.

Finding the right video game console distributor takes time and patience to go through each one of them and identify which distributor can accommodate your specific needs. In doing so, you can have a partnership with an authorized distributor that will enable you to sell the latest video game consoles online or offline!

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