How much is my game console worth?

Do you plan to sell your old video game console? Or maybe you are buying a brand new, latest game console and so you are thinking why not sell the old one. You are right in this case, because otherwise too you would not use your old game console, when you have a more advanced gaming system.

Do not worry, just sell your old console and use that money while adding some more to buy a new one. And, if you have already bought a new game console, then you can use the money, which you received by selling the old console, to buy some accessories that go with your new game console.

No matter for what you use this money, your old console is better off somewhere it is used rather than lying in the back of your attic. There are many retro-gamers that love to play on old video game consoles, even though most people are attracted towards the latest ones.

Although, you can still play old video games on modern consoles, many game collectors love the genuine hardware and are eager to buy the original game console. So, if you have an old game console in good condition, you can get money from it.

This article will make you aware about the latest prices of some of the old game consoles. If you own any of these gaming systems, then make sure that you get the right price for it and nothing lesser.

However, you must note that the price range can vary depending on the condition of your game console.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released in the year 1991. The original retail price of the SNES was $199 and now you can sell it between $36 and $140.

This 16-bit game console by Nintendo can be sold now below $40 if it is damaged, but if it is in good condition, then you can get a good price for it.

For getting more money, add the games and controllers to the SNES game console’s sales package. If you have a ‘1CHIP’ version of the SNES, which is the best in this series, then you can easily get more than $130 from the buyer.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System was launched in 1985 at an original price of $299 (for the US Deluxe Set). Today, you can sell the NES for $75 to $400.

Although, this game console is not as powerful as the SNES, this older console with 8-bit performance is rare to find and thus you can get a better price for this, starting from $80 for just the console.

And, when you add a few games and controllers to the NES, then you can easily get between $100 and $150. The US Deluxe Set in its original packaging fetches the highest price. So, if you have this model, it’s great.

Sony PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 offered by Sony was released in 2000 at an original price of $299. Today, you can sell the PS2 for around $30 to $180. This game console was a favorite gaming system of the majority and has sold the maximum number of hardware units in game consoles till now.

The PS2 dominated the console market of the 6th generation and came with a strong collection from Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, and Metal Gear Solid franchises.

You can easily sell the black color PS2 for nearly 50 dollars, if it is in a working condition. However, you may get a higher price for this game console, if you have an unusual color of it like ocean blue or gold.


The Xbox was launched in the year 2001 at an original retail price of $299.99 after the inflation. You can sell this game console now for $16 to $200. The Xbox was the debut game console by Microsoft and was quite popular at that time, along with the Sony PlayStation 2 and GameCube.  It had some killer game titles such as Halo 2.

Sega Genesis

Sega Genesis was released in 1989 at an original retail price of $189. Today, you can sell this game console for around $20 to $100. This game console is also known as the Mega Drive among sophisticated Brits.

Quite popular among the American market, the Sega Genesis is therefore not rare to find. Nonetheless, the Sega CD along with the 32X additions is difficult to find, which is why they generally sell for a higher price as compared to the Genesis itself.

Sony PlayStation

The Sony PlayStation was launched in the year 1995 at an original retail price of $299. Today, you can sell the Sony PS for around $30 to $150.

This was the first game console offered by Sony and got very popular with a lot of exclusive games, which is why you can still sell it at a high price depending on its condition. If you own a boxed set of the Sony PS, then you can get more than $100 for this game console.

Moreover, the re-release of slimmer PlayStation One can get you similar bids on eBay.


The Dreamcast was released in 1999 at an original retail price of $199. You can sell this game console now for around $60 to $180.

Although, the Dreamcast did not go well and resulted in Sega getting out of the console competition, it was appreciated for being quite modern at that time. The Dreamcast is rare to find today, which is why it can sell for a minimum price of $60.

However, if you have your Dreamcast in an unopened box, then you can easily receive several hundred dollars for it.

So, these are some of the old gaming systems with the latest selling prices in the market. You can ask the buyer to give you a similar price for your old console, if it is not damaged and in a working condition.

Moreover, you can get a higher price, when you sell your old game console with cables and controllers.

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