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Best Family Game Console

It can be quite difficult to choose a console that works for your whole entire family. You want something that is going to be age appropriate for everyone and something that your family can spend some quality time together playing.

It is important to get an idea of what kind of games you want your family to be playing because some systems have more mature games than others and some are a lot more kid friendly.

It is a good idea to get opinions from other family members or close friends to see what consoles they recommend and if they think purchasing the console is a good idea. Keep in mind how many people you are buying the console for and make sure that you also keep in mind the cost of accessories and controllers.

Just because the console is cheap doesn’t mean that the microphone, game controllers, games and cases don’t cost a fortune. When you are buying a console a good rule of thumb is to determine whether you would allow the youngest member of the family to play or watch the game you are thinking of buying for the family console.

In all likelihood the youngest member of the family is going to be one of the most keen to play on the new console and buying a bunch of mature games is maybe not the kind of material you want them to be watching or playing.

How to choose the best family game console?

In order to choose the best family console you first want to set a budget for yourself and then think about what kinds of things you want to use the console for.

It is important to note that if you are looking for a family console and choose a console that only allows one player to play at a time then you aren’t going to see a lot of family bonding over using the console.

There are many different controllers available for different systems and if you are going to be playing family games you may also want to think about potential user issues. For example, if you are going to be using the console a lot maybe you shouldn’t get battery powered controllers because the cost of these can really add up over time.

If the console comes with external memory cards or disks, then maybe you should be buying a few of them or a very large one in order to be able to support the gameplay of the whole family.

If you plan to use the console on the internet to play with friends, download games, browse the internet etc. then you may also want to have a look at your internet speed and make sure that it is fast enough to do the things that you want to do. Having slow internet can ruin you’re gaming experience and can result in lagged gameplay.

A lagging game can completely ruin your game score or even kick you right out of it; your internet speed is definitely something you want to have a look at. Hardwiring your console can increase the speed of your connection by a lot and if speed is a major problem then maybe hardwiring could be an option for you.

Depending on the console you are looking at you may also want to think about the dimensions of the room that the console will be used in. Some consoles have motion based gameplay and the last thing you want to do is buy a console that is hardly used because there is not enough room to use it.

On the other hand you also don’t want to put the console in a room where a corded controller doesn’t even reach the couch; it is very important to measure everything before you even start your search for a console so that you can make sure that the console meets the specific needs that you have.

Who should buy a family game console?

If you are looking for a family console then chances are you are a friend, a parent, a relative, or a child looking to please the others in your family. It is important to make sure that the console will actually be used and bring the family closer together.

A console is by no means a cheap purchase and if you are buying a console there is a good chance you are probably buying it to suit the wants of everyone in the family. This can be a very difficult task and if there are a variety of different ages and genders of kids in the family it can be difficult to find games for the console that everyone will happily play together.

Some consoles have more kid friendly based games than others, it is very important to find out some of the games available for a console so that you can get an idea of the general content that your family will be playing.

If you have lots of spare time on your hands then buying a console can be a great social experience for your family and can create a light and fun atmosphere that the whole family enjoys, even when you aren’t the one playing at the time.

To conclude

A family console can be a great entertainment device that can be used to entertain guests and have a bit of competitive fun.

Although consoles aren’t cheap, they generally last for a very long time and you can still find games for old consoles years after they were made thanks to the internet and a huge variety of buying and selling sites. Whether you buy an old or new console it can have its perks.

On an old console you are going to find classic games that are both challenging and have old fashioned graphics.

If you are a parent you may even be able to beat your kids by playing them in classic games which is one huge advantage. You may run into console damage or problems depending on the age of the console that you buy which is another thing you should take under consideration.

By buying a new console you will have warranty to cover any damage and you will also have some of the newer and better graphics that are available. A newer console does have its downfalls though and will cost you more money generally than older consoles will. Games for newer consoles will generally be more expensive as will any accessories or controllers for the system.