What Do You Get from Playing Video Games?


As an activity or a favorite pastime, people often perceive that you get nothing from playing on video game consoles. And it’s largely because of its sedentary nature. Also, those who tend to play these games spend hours and hours playing without actually being able to do anything else.

Apart from that, video games in nature are expensive, given that you would have to spend hundreds of dollars for a game and a console. In some instances, you might even have to buy a new television just so that you could enjoy optimal graphics. Some people have been so hooked or addicted to it that they end up losing their jobs and relationships.

Despite these negative effects, unbeknownst to a lot of people, there are video game console values that exist. There actually are several good things associated with playing video games. This is according to the result of research from psychologists, as well as some observations among those who have been playing these games on a regular basis. The following are just some of the video game console values you could enjoy once you play regularly.

Helps Promote Mental Health

Given that playing video games often entail hours and hours of sitting down, it’s obvious that most of the benefits or values tied to playing video games through consoles are all in the cognitive aspect. One of the things that video games do effectively is provide an alley for entertainment. A mentally healthy individual is one who takes the time to rest and relax. For this reason, video games are a perfect break from work and would thus allow you to have fun and have a good laugh.

Apart from helping balance your emotions and preserve mental health, video games could also be entertaining enough to ease the symptoms of depression. It also allows you to keep occupied, especially when you are going through tough times in life. In a nutshell, a mentally healthy individual is one who takes the time to have a break and do other things apart from work, and video games serve as a great way for you to have one.

Sharpens Several Skills

As previously mentioned, these video games greatly contribute in the mental aspect of an individual. Having said that, apart from giving people an avenue for entertainment, playing video games on consoles could also sharpen a lot of skills that involve using the mind.

Through playing video games, people can improve their ability to follow instructions, since these are always integral to gameplay. Moreover, their problem solving and logic skills are significantly improved, as well as their ability to manage resources, plan activities, as well as have a better grasp on logistics.

Another set of skills that improve with playing video games is the ability to multitask, manage various objects at a single time, as well as track and observe more variables at once.

Lastly, one of the essential skills improved through playing video games is hand-eye coordination, given that one would have to look at the screen while taking control of what they see in it through controllers which consists of gliding joysticks and pressing other buttons.

Provides Effective Means of Recreation

If you’re looking for one of many ways to de-stress after a week of studying, or after a hard day’s work, then playing video games is the perfect way for you to do so. This is most especially true if you’re living alone or are staying in a highly urbanized set-up, where outdoor activities are difficult to do, or in which you would have to travel to faraway places. Also, when you do not have any friends nearby, or if you want just to sit and chill with your family right in the comfort of your home.

Promotes Overall Well-Being

One of the key video game console values is that it promotes overall well-being. This is because it effectively provides people with an outlet for entertainment. Everyone needs to have fun and relax every once in a while, and this is one of the things that video games can provide.

Also, it helps promote well-being by being able to effectively cut a person’s cravings for specific vices, with research showing that playing of video games have contributed to reducing these cravings by a substantial 24%.

Another way of it contributing to overall well-being is the fact that playing games can reduce stress by about half. Also, it helps promote this by helping to reduce pain and anxiety, given that video games are created in such a way that you could have fun and be entertained, and in turn, an emotional diversion from the negativity which may be surrounding you.

Helps Improve Social Skills

While this may be rather ironic, as it is often an activity played most of the time individually, the reality is that playing video games can actually improve your social skills. This is most especially true when you’re playing multiplayer games that would either require you to work together with your friend as a teammate or for you to engage with them in a friendly competition. Either way, you would still end up having to communicate with each other, for the whole gameplay to be compelling and fun, thereby helping to improve your social skills.


In everything, as they say, moderation is key. Having said that, this would most definitely be true whenever one plays video games. This is because we are aware of the negative things associated with playing them too often, most of which are counterproductive in nature and would hinder you from experiencing a lot of greater things in life.

If you want to take a break and not mind spending hundreds of dollars just so that you can, and if you’re a techie person who is into electronics and all sorts of gadgets, then playing video games is definitely a great means of spending your idle time.

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