What is the bestselling game console of all time?

This article tells you about the bestselling video game consoles of all time, which are loved by numerous people all over the world. These game consoles include both portable as well as home systems.

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So, let us see who has the most sales numbers and the manufacturers of these gaming consoles, including Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Sony PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 offered by Sony is the bestselling game console of all time with more than 155 million units sold across the world. This game console was released in 2000 with a launch price of $299. Since then, it has sold nearly 157,680,000 units worldwide.

The PS2 rose to the top position with release of 3,800 game titles and the sale of more than one billion game copies. These figures also include the sales of a slim version of PlayStation 2, which was released in 2004.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS was released in the year 2006 at a launch price of $129. Since then, it has sold nearly 154,010,000 units. This portable game console has an innovative dual-screen design, along with a bottom touchscreen and stylus in order to offer players an intuitive drawing interaction.

These features add a new dimension to playing video games. These figures also include the DS lite version of this game console.

Nintendo Game Boy

The Nintendo Game Boy was released in 1989 with a price of $89. Since then, Nintendo’s first portable game console has sold nearly 118,690,000 units. This simple gaming device includes just 4 buttons and a directional pad.

Still, the Game Boy defined the world of portable gaming, ranging from games like ‘the grey brick’ to the Color.

Plus, the Nintendo Game Boy had much-loved games such as Tetris, Pokemon, and Super Mario Land. The Game Boy Color is same as the original Game Boy, but with a color screen.

The color version of Game Boy was released in 1998. The sales figures include the sales of Game Boy Color, Light, and Pocket editions.

Sony PlayStation

The Sony PlayStation was launched in 1994 at a price of $299. This PlayStation has sold nearly 104,250,000 units across the world since then. It features classic games like Rayman, Resident Evil, and Crash Bandicoot.

This was the first system in history that broke the 100 million record for the sale of global hardware units. The Sony PlayStation was a much loved game console amongst many people during the 1990s.

Moreover, this entry-level Sony PlayStation was just the beginning of a successful family of consoles from Sony.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii was released in the year 2006 with a launch price of $249. It has sold 101,560,000 units across the world since then. This game console helped gamers to have fun and at the same time exercise as well.

The infrared capabilities and advanced accelerometer in the Nintendo Wii made gameplay fun as well as intuitive. Moreover, this was the first game console that popularized movement sensitive and wireless controllers, which paved way for the new, advanced gaming devices.

Microsoft Xbox 360

The Microsoft Xbox 360 was released in 2005 at a launch price of $299. Since then, this game console has sold 84,000,000 units across the world. Although, the earlier versions of Xbox 360 were afflicted by the ‘red ring of death,’ still this game console sold a lot of hardware units.

This was the successor to the original Xbox and was particularly designed to give a competition to Sony’s PlayStation 3. It successfully did that and made to the sixth spot on this list by selling around 84 million consoles.

Sony PlayStation 3

The Sony PlayStation 3 was released in the year 2006 at a launch price of $499. Since its launch, this game console has sold 83,800,000 units.

The PS3 gained the number 7 spot on this list in terms of its sales numbers with its innovative (during that time) Blu-ray playing capabilities, even though it was surpassed by Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360.

Additionally, this was the first console that used Blu-ray discs. The Sony PlayStation 3 was available in three different versions and all of them had different thicknesses.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance

The Nintendo Game Boy Advance was launched in the year 2001 at a releasing price of $99. Since then, this game console has sold around 81,510,000 units.

The Nintendo GBA was much advanced than the earlier Game Boy Color, with 32-bit more performance to the handheld arsenal of Nintendo.

Moreover, the Nintendo GBA changed the horizontal shape and design of Game Boy Color with a vertical style, while adding the screen in between and including the buttons on both sides of the screen. However, you could still play the old games of Game Boy on this game console, even though its popular games were Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby.

One of the underrated game titles on the Nintendo GBA was Advance Wars. During that time, the competitors of this game console were Neo Geo Pocket Color and N-Gage, which did not even come close to this popular model.

Sony PlayStation Portable

The Sony PlayStation Portable was released in the year 2004 at a price of $249. The PSP has sold around 80,000,000 hardware units worldwide since then. This game console had remarkable graphics for a portable game console at that time.

The PSP was the first handheld game console offered by Sony. Moreover, it was only the one competitor in reality at that time to Nintendo’s DS amongst handheld gaming systems, even though it did not come close to the former handheld game console.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System was launched in the year 1985 at a release price of $129. It has sold nearly 61,910,000 units worldwide since then.

Although, the gaming market was small at that time, the original NES turned the gaming industry around with its high sales numbers. It features popular games like Rampage, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros.

So, these are the bestselling game consoles of all time across the world.

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