Xbox One S 500GB Console – Minecraft Bundle Review

Video games have greatly changed since they were initially conceptualized by Ralph Baer in the late sixties and released in the early seventies. From the simple ball and brick games that were played by children in their living rooms decades ago, video game consoles and the whole video gameplay experience have greatly developed and improved.

Standard video game consoles and handheld video games have vastly improved from simple games towards games that further facilitate creativity and interaction among its players. Video game consoles now have the capacity to store different games in a single unit, while also having the ability to play music, videos, and even surf the internet.

Not only are there multiple games that can be stored in a single console, modern-day video game consoles provide high-quality audio and video output at a faster processor speed. With innovations and developments produced by manufacturing companies, each game produces real-life simulation and 3D games that provide a truly remarkable gaming experience.

One such model is the Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle. This provides users amazing gaming experience now with the Minecraft bundle that includes everything that you need to create, build, and explore your own Minecraft world.

In this article, we will discuss the various features of the Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle and why this video game console is great for you.


A summary of the features of the Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle is as follows:

  • Includes Xbox One S console and full Minecraft game download
  • Has 500GB internal memory for game and video storage
  • Full Minecraft game for Xbox One and Windows 10
  • Includes 14-day Xbox Live Gold Trial
  • Comes with a wireless controller and HDMI cable
  • Comes with seven community-favorite packs like Builder’s Pack, Greek Mythology Mash-up, Halo Mash-up and Festive Mash-up
  • 14 Blu-ray video playing capable
  • Faster internet 4k video streaming
  • 4K Ultra HD video output for four times HD resolution
  • Higher dynamic range for luminous colors and higher contrasts
  • Access to over 100 Xbox games
  • Internet connectivity for playing with other players
  • Comes with family settings for children

The Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle is one of the top-selling video game consoles in the market today, especially for Minecraft gamers.

Featuring a full game download of Minecraft, it also comes with favorite packages like the Halo Mash-up, Festive Mash-up, Builder’s Pack, Biome Settlers Pack 1, and Greek Mythology Mash-up. This Minecraft full game download can be played on your Microsoft Xbox One and Windows 10 computer.

The Microsoft Xbox One S provides users the ultimate gaming experience with its 4K Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, and 4K Ultra HD video output will provide the highest quality and realistic video gaming.

With its high dynamic range technology, playing games like Forza Horizon 3 can be seen with more luminous colors and high contrast ratio. The fast internet connectivity of this model lets you play, interact, and compete with players all over the world for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Xbox One exclusive games can be downloaded from the Xbox game library which features over a hundred games. By subscribing to Xbox Live Gold, you can get free a free game every month. If you have children in your family, you can use the family settings of this component to let each one play games that are age appropriate.

Your Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle can also be used for fast and high definition online video streaming on Amazon and Netflix so you can watch your favorite movies and series every time.


  • 40 percent smaller than the first Xbox model
  • Provides great visual gaming experience with its 4K Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD, and 4K video streaming
  • Provides clear, realistic, and high visuals for your games and video playing
  • It has a high dynamic range technology that provides better gaming visuals due to its more luminous colors and higher contrast ration
  • You can gain access over a hundred Xbox exclusive games
  • If you have the older Xbox 360, you can still load and play your downloaded games with this unit
  • Lets you play, interact and compete with other Xbox users all over the world through internet connectivity
  • Has easy family settings that let you choose which games can be played by each of your family members for a better age-appropriate gaming
  • Great for Minecraft gamers since it has a full download of the game with favorite packs included


  • Getting a free game every month needs a payment subscription
  • 500 GB internal storage can be small for some games


The Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle provides gamers, especially those who love to play Minecraft, the gaming experience that they have been waiting for. With its 4K ultra high-definition resolution, you can play your favorite games in a realistic and clear video.

You can interact and play with other gamers all over the world by connecting your Xbox to the internet to provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience. Ig you are not playing, you can use this video game console to stream and watch videos from Amazon and Netflix.


The Xbox One S Battlefield 500 GB Console has the same features as the Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle but comes with a different game. For those who are not a big fan of Minecraft, this unit comes with a full download of Battlefield and free EA games access for one month.

Having the same ultra high definition visual resolution, this model package is great for users who prefer action and adventure games.

Coming from the number one competitor of the Xbox is the PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console- Uncharted Bundle. This model provides a full game download of the game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

In the same way you can use the Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle for playing and interacting with other gamers online, the PS4 Slim also lets you play online. Sharing your gameplay on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, ad Twitch is made easy through the share button on the controls.


The Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle is truly one gaming console that can provide you with the best gaming experience that you have been waiting for. This model package is great for users who are big fans of Minecraft since it already has the full game download and favorite community packages.

The 4K ultra-high definition video of the Xbox One S not only provides realistic and high-quality gaming, it also gives you the best video watching and streaming experience that you want. Simply put, the Xbox One S 500 GB Console- Minecraft Bundle is not simply a great gaming console, it also provides a great video watching experience for the whole family.

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