PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console – Uncharted 4 Bundle Review

The PlayStation 4 Slim is offered by Sony, a popular brand. This slimmed-down PS4 is great for people who want to buy a PlayStation at a bargain. This game console is for those who do not already have a PlayStation 4 model.

This is because it has the exact same hardware as PS4. It’s just that the hardware of this game console is put into a smaller case.

The PS4 Slim is also known as CUH-2000 in technical language. This PlayStation 4 Slim is a newer version of the original PS4 console. It features a revamped hardware, along with a makeover of the controller as well as the gaming console.

Although, the PlayStation 4 Slim has better looks and very much slimmer, it has exactly the same functions as the original PS4. Although, this game console does not have a 4K Blu-ray player or an incredible game performance like the Xbox One S, it is quieter in operation, less power hungry, and thinner than its older counterparts. All of this makes the PlayStation 4 Slim a decent upgrade of PS4.

However, consumers can also buy the PS4 Pro, which has a significant performance enhancement, 4K gaming, and improvements in frame rate for existing games. This reduces the chances of PlayStation 4 Slim, particularly for dedicated buffs, though it is a cheaper option and is more compact.

PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro

Now, let us compare the PlayStation 4 Slim to PlayStation 4 Pro and see the differences between the two game consoles. The PlayStation 4 Slim is leaner and more compact than its original version, as the name of this PS4 suggests.

It has dropped more than 2 pounds in terms of weight and weighs only 4.63 pounds, whereas the original game console weighs 6.17 pounds.

The PS4 Slim measures 10.43 x 11.34 x 1.54 inches as opposed to the older model that measures 10.83 x 12.01 x 2.09 inches. From the front, the original PS4 has looks of a sandwich that is cut in a funny way.

However, with the PlayStation 4 Slim, this is not the case. The lower portion of the “sandwich” is 7/8 part of an inch and the top part of the “sandwich” is 7/16 part of an inch.

Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 Slim is 25 per cent lighter, as Sony claims. Still, it does not feel hollow or cheap. This makes the newer revamped PlayStation more portable as compared to its predecessor.

Similar to the PlayStation 3 Slim and the original PS3, the PS4 Slim has the same shape of the original PlayStation 4, but does not have the slick black plastic and instead has a textured matte finish.

This way the PlayStation 4 Slim does not collect much dust, scratches, or fingerprints. Moreover, sharp corners of the original PS4 has given way to rounded and softer corners.

The biggest changes on this PlayStation are on its front side. The eject button and the touch-sensitive power button have been substituted with physical buttons.

Although, the power key is larger in size, the eject button comes in a cute circle shape. Both these buttons are a bit recessed; however, you can easily differentiate between the two buttons even in the dark.

The power button of the PS4 Slim also works as the replacement for the LED strip that changes color, which is found on the original PS4. When you power on the system, you see ten pin-size, white glowing LEDs and when the system is on standby, the color of the LEDs changes to orange.

When you power off the system, the LEDs are turned off completely.

Above these buttons is a Blu-ray drive with slot-loading. Plus, the PlayStation 4 Slim features two USB 3.0 connections, which are spaced nearly 6 inches away from each other; where one sits next to the right edge of the console and the other is close to the optical drive.

And, at the back of the console, there are ports for the PlayStation Camera, power cable, an Ethernet jack, and an HDMI 2.0 socket.

Key features

  • The PlayStation 4 Slim is 4 per cent slimmer than its original version of PS4
  • You can avail this PlayStation in 500GB memory
  • This PlayStation is manufactured by Sony
  • It has a redesigned controller
  • It offers HDR gaming through software patch
  • Price: $248.97 at Amazon


  • The new PS4 has a slick design and smaller footprint
  • It has quieter operation
  • It has all the amazing features of PS4 that Sony offers since 2013
  • It comes with updated DualShock 4 controller
  • It is much more energy efficient
  • You can easily expand its HDD space
  • It has nice looks
  • It does not has the distracting LED strip


  • This slim PS4 does not have an optical audio port, which is a disappointment for third-party headphone users.
  • The costly PS4 Pro has a larger hard drive, along with better graphics as compared to PS4 Slim
  • The controller analogue sticks that come with this PlayStation are not durable enough
  • It does not have the UHD Blu-ray drive, whereas the equally priced Xbox One S incorporates it
  • The DualShock 4 controller has abysmal battery life


The PlayStation 4 Slim is a great game console, as it is smaller and quieter than the original PS4. It gives a Déjà vu experience to players. This PlayStation is great for bargain hunters.

Although, it is not better than the PS4 Pro and not good for those who already own any of the PlayStation 4, you can buy it if you are a gamer on a budget.

However, if you have a high budget, then your first choice should be PS4 Pro, since this is a step-up model of PlayStation 4 and comes with a bigger hard drive. Moreover, it has better 4K-friendly graphics.

The PlayStation 4 Slim is also a great option for those who are shopping for a PS4 for the first time on a budget and do not have a 4K television. The PS4 Slim is more portable owing to its compact and slick design.

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