Top 9 Best Consoles Of All Time

When you visit you neighborhood appliance store or even your kid’s favorite toy store, you will often stumble upon video games. Video game consoles are electronic devices that produce visual images which are then projected on a screen. There have been many over the years and we explore the top 9 best consoles of all time. 

These video game consoles let one or more people play together or compete against each other depending on the type of video game loaded on the device. So, if you aren’t aware of it already, the PlayStation and Xbox are called video game consoles.

Every few months, there are new games and new game versions released in the market which kids and adults alike have been waiting to grab. With all the different brands and video games available everywhere, have you ever wondered where all these came from?

Video game consoles have been around for decades such that there are 70 consoles released at present. Nowadays, the PlayStation and Xbox game consoles are competing against each other to provide users the best gaming experience. But did you know that there was a time when it was Sega and Nintendo that were in this very same situation?

In this article, we will provide a list of the top 9 video game consoles that have dominated the market or have been essential in the innovation that led to the video game consoles that we are familiar with today.

What are the Top 9 Best  Consoles of All Time?

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Today’s video games provide gamers the best and high-quality graphics and sounds that truly give everyone the best gaming experience.

There are hundreds of available games that contain different stories and genres depending on the taste and interests of consumers. However, the beginning of the video game consoles that we know today has been long and truly amazing.

Currently, there are two types of video game consoles. A handheld video game console or a plugged-in video game console is the common ones.

Handheld video game consoles are portable and compact versions of the standard video game console. They have their own batteries and come with a built-in screen to see your game.

Plugged-in or standard video game consoles are plugged into a television screen or any video output that it is compatible with. Game software is available in a CD format and is purchased separately.

Here are the top 9 significant video game consoles that have been released through time, each with a new innovation and provide advancements to create the video games that we know and love today.

Magnavox Odyssey

After the demo model, Baer introduced Brown Box in 1967, the first official video game console was released in 1972. The Magnavox was made from the Brown Box demo model and had games like basketball, baseball, and skiing.

Atari VCS

The Atari VCS was released in 1977 and was later released again in 1982 as the Atari 2600. This model was among the first line of video game consoles that ran on different cartridges which can be purchased separately and loaded onto the game console.

Mega Drive

The late eighties was the period when video game players were divided between Nintendo users and Sega users. The Mega Drive was received warmly by consumers mainly because it had a game that catered to adults like Night Trap, Sensible Soccer, John Madden Football, and Mortal Kombat.

One of the most famous and best-selling games released by Sega was Sonic the Hedgehog which was played by both adults and children.

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

The SNES was released in 1990 and was what changed simple jumping and scrolling games towards more complex adventure-style games.

While the Super Mario World was the best-selling game of this video game console in which it sold 49 million copies worldwide, this game also introduced new games that we still know of today. Examples of these games are the Mega Man X, Mario Kart, Final Fantasy, and the Legend of Zelda.


It was in 1994 when Sony released its first PlayStation model that had kids whining to their parents as the ultimate present they would want for their birthday or for Christmas. This is why the PlayStation video game console was the first model that sold over a 100 million units all over.

The PlayStation 1 perfected in some way how it provided its users an enhanced visual graphics of the games.

As we have said, there are over 70 units and models of both standard video game consoles and handheld video game consoles that have been sold and are being sold in the market.

It would be a long discussion to tell the significance of each one and how they contributed to the high-quality video game consoles that we know of today.  Still, here are some of the video game consoles that are still worth mentioning:

  • PlayStation 2

Released in 2000 and 155 million units worldwide, the Sony PlayStation 2 also introduced hundreds of video games that adults and kids spent most of their time on.

  •  Xbox 360

Released in 2005 and sold 84 million units worldwide. Even though released later than the PlayStation 2, the Xbox 360 was not able to compete with the PlayStation 2 model. However, the Xbox 360 became influential in letting gamers use online connectivity for their games.

  • Nintendo Wii

released in 2006, the significance of the Wii video game console was that individuals who are not gamers welcomed this in their homes. This is because of the video games that promoted exercise and fitness like golf, bowling, and even dancing.

  • Nintendo 3DS

Releases in 2011, the Nintendo 3DS was the result of the equally loved Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and the Nintendo DS. What makes this worth mentioning was that in addition to making portable video game playing, it also lets its users use this same device for online gaming, online streaming, and even taking pictures.

While some gamers may disagree on what is the best video game console released in the market depending on what they liked best, the above-listed video game consoles provide the most significance in the gaming industry.

With the release of these models, we are now enjoying amazing graphics, sound, and gameplay from the current video game consoles from Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation. With the upcoming years, we can only expect better video game consoles to come.

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