Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Review

Video games and video game consoles have significantly changed and improved since they were conceptualized and released in the late sixties. From a simple ball and block games, the video game experience that we have now is truly remarkable and have evolved in both graphics and audio features.

Furthermore, you can even play with other players worldwide so your game challenges have increased and have become more challenging. Newer video game console models are also no longer limited to playing video games since you can use them for streaming videos and movies, and even surfing the internet.

Every couple of years, leading video game console manufacturers to release newer models that exceed the features of the older models. They feature better gaming experience than the older models by greatly improving the graphics and audio output that is provided by the newer consoles.

Just like the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro which was released three years after the Sony PlayStation 4, it provides an improvement in the hardware setup of its original model. The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is not a PlayStation5 which is why the video games and accessories that are used for a PlayStation 4 are fully compatible with the Pro version.

In this article, we will discuss the features of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and why it provides users from all over an amazing video gaming experience.


A summary of the main ingredients of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is as follows:

  • Lets you connect and play online with other PS4 players
  • Provides 4K video streaming and 4K auto-upscaling of video content
  • Features an enhanced HD resolution for better visuals while playing
  • Provides a more realistic and detailed visual gameplay and effects
  • Supports faster frame rates for sharp action games
  • Works with all PS4 games and accessories
  • Comes with a large 1TB internal hard drive for saving games and game progress
  • Supports fast Wi-fi connectivity
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 17 x 14.3 inches
  • Weight: 10.9 pounds

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is a great video game console that provides better image quality that shows great details and textures of your video games. If you do not have a PlayStation 4, this is a better option because of its hardware improvements and larger 1TB internal hard drive. This means that you can save more games with this model than the original PlayStation 4.

Since the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is an upgrade of the original PlayStation 4 model, the PS4 accessories and video games are all compatible with this device. Playing and competing with other PlayStation 4 users is also made easier with a faster Wi-Fi connectivity. Furthermore, you can stream and watch your favorite TV shows and movies through your PlayStation 4 Pro.


  • Features a 4k and HDR visual graphics and video output that is compatible with HDR screens or televisions
  • Increased frame rates to provide better gaming experience
  • Provides a more detailed and textured graphics especially for 4k games
  • You can use any PS4 game and accessory with this model
  • You can have faster video streaming with its fast Wifi support protocols
  • Video games run faster and better than the PlayStation 4 model


  • Better 4k and HDR resolutions can be seen if you have an HDR TV screen
  • If you already have a PlayStation 4 model, there is not much difference aside from the improved graphics in some games that are made especially for Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
  • The PlayStation 4 Pro does not come with a 4k Blu-ray CD player


In looking at the features of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, one can say that this upgrade focuses on better gameplay and graphics as compared with the original PlayStation 4 model. If you have a TV screen that supports 4K and HDR graphics, you will see better and sharper details, textures and faster gameplay with the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Another great advantage of having a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is that older PS4 games like Call of Duty look better and run faster. If you haven’t purchased a PS4, consider purchasing the PlayStation Pro model since it can provide you with a better gameplay experience.


The original PlayStation 4 model already offers the best gaming experience that Sony has to offer and was only upgraded to the Pro version. Still the original version is not something that their owners cannot be happy about.

It provides great HDR images even if it does not support a 4k graphic output. Also, the audio output is a great feature for gamers who want to hear real-life sounds while playing.

Another upgrade model of the original PlayStation 4 model is the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim. This version features slimmer body than the original version and features HDR graphics. It has 500GB internal hard drive memory for saving games and game progress, which is half the size of the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

In summary, the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim offers the same specifications and features that the original PlayStation has to offer. The only difference is on the size and slimness that the PS4 Slim has to offer.


The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is one great video game console to own if you love to play your video games in amazing graphics for a better gaming experience. Both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Slim models do not support 4k content, unlike the Pro model. This is the reason why individuals prefer the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro than the other two models even if they cost less.

Even though using a 4K capable television screen is not required when you want to use your Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, using one will let you see better image quality that provides better texture, details, and sharpness. PlayStation games that are made for the Pro will also give you better image quality and faster gaming than the other two models of the PlayStation 4.

Still, video game experts and enthusiasts would not recommend buying a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro model if you already have the PlayStation 4 or Sony PlayStation 4 Slim simply because of the image quality improvement.

Others suggest waiting for the PlayStation 5 model to upgrade your video game console if you already have the older PlayStation 4 models. However, if you do not own a PlayStation 4, going for the Pro version is better than the older two models.

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