E-Mods Gaming RS-1 Review

The E-Mods RS-1 handheld gaming device is small and portable for on-the-go gaming. The design of the E-Mods RS-1 is similar to the Game Boy Micro, which is a marketing technique to convince Nintendo lovers to purchase this inexpensive gaming device.

Created from a lightweight plastic, the directional pad keys and the A, B and Turbo buttons work alright, which a little bit of unresponsiveness. This gaming system is simple with only a few key buttons, a power switch, and a volume control knob.

The RS-1 is loaded with 152 games that you can scroll through. As you highlight over each game a small window will appear in the top left corner showing you a graphic of what you can expect from the game.

Back after going through the first 100 games you will notice that the games start to repeat. For example, there is Mario available, then after the first 100 games you will find Mario 2. Which is the same Mario, but world 2.

All of the games featured on the E-Mods RS-1 are actually Nintendo games, despite the fact that nowhere on the device does it state that its manufacturer is Nintendo.  There is no cartridge or SD slots since all the games are built in and you are not able to access the internet.

The emulator and the graphics on the device are not too terrible. They are pretty clear and represent the games fairly well. Although the only thing that does seem to be a little off is the sound.

While playing the familiar theme songs to the games there appears to be a channel off in the speakers creating a buzzing or vibrating noise. This noise does still occur when using headphones via the audio jack that is located on the top of the device.

Table of Contents


  • 152 games
  • Headphone jack and built in speakers
  • Directional keypad, A, B, Turbo buttons, Select and Reset options
  • Volume Slider


  • All Nintendo Games
  • Graphics and clarity for enjoyable game play
  • 152 8- or 12-bit games on one device
  • AAA batteries; plus battery life last a long time


  • No internet access
  • Only the games loaded are the options
  • Some games are repeated, not 152 completely different games


Overall, for the price you pay the E-Mods RS-1 handheld gaming device is well worth its money. With about 80 unique games, and over 152 games if you count second or third levels, you can have all day fun on this game.

The small size and shape is great for small hands, but it is also a great gaming device for anyone who wants to pass the time with classic Nintendo games. Despite being 8- or 12-bit games the graphics are clear and they look like the original characters and not some knock-off version of them.

There appear to be no emulation glitches as the games are running, meaning the games are less likely to freeze in the middle of game play. But there is a reset button in the rare chance this does happen.

The controls on the system are pretty simple, but the A and B buttons are reversed when compared to any other Nintendo controller. The volume control knob is in a great place, although the audio jack would feel less awkward if it was located at the bottom of the device versus the top.

Although this device is not rechargeable and requires AAA batteries, that are not included with the initial purchase. The battery life lasts relatively long, about 15 hours of non-stop gaming. The manual claims that you need to remove the batteries when the device is not in use, but this is not necessary.

Overall, the E-Mods RS-1 is a great portable gaming device for the price that you will pay. Loaded with many classic Nintendo games it can pass time by quickly for adults and children alike. Although the sound may seem a little off due to the vibrating noise, everything else in this device works well.

This device is great for these specific games, since it is unable to access the internet or stream videos, nor are you able to add additional games to the device since there are no SD card slots.

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