iWawa Retro Pocket Portable Arcade Games Review

The iWaWa Retro Pocket gaming device is perfect to keep kids busy for hours. Loaded with 150 funny, exciting, and challenging retro games, this device is the lightest portable gaming device currently on the market.

The majority of the games that are loaded onto this device are bootlegged games from the retro arcade style games from back in the days. A few of the most popular games featured on the iWaWa Retro Pocket is “Catch chicken,” “Mutative Maze,” “Connect Four,” and “Kill zombies.” There are many more simple, retro, and arcade-styled games available to play.

This device is incredibly cheap, but feels sturdy enough to last. It comes with a mini screwdriver to open up the battery compartment, and a lanyard to be able to hold your device on your wrist.

The iWawa Retro Pocket takes AAA batteries, which are not included, but the batteries will typically last a very long time since the games are only 8-bit and do not require a lot of power to play.

Unfortunately, there is no audio jack or volume control so the music that comes out is what you get. There is also no way to plug the device into the TV or a monitor to have a larger screen and there is no power cord, so batteries are the only way to keep this device charged.

All of the games offered on the iWawa Retro Pocket are mini games that can be completed within a couple of minutes. There is no save option for any of the games so if you turn it off or if your batteries die mid-game you will have to start over.

The controls on the iWawa Retro Pocket are very simple, with a directional key pad and an A and B action button you can play through any of these games easily. Because the games and controls are so simple it may not keep a teen or adult occupied for hours, but it will bring a sense of nostalgia to the table for at least a couple of minutes.

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  • 150 classic 8-bit games
  • Portable with lanyard included
  • Mini screwdriver included to access battery compartment
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Can keep children busy for hours
  • Good on battery life, requires AAA batteries
  • Classic arcade games in a portable gaming device


  • No charging cable
  • No audio jack
  • Simple games can become boring for some


If you are looking for a simple classic handheld gaming device to keep a child busy for hours in a car or at home this is definitely the device for you. There are over 150 easily accessible games that you can scroll through with the left and right arrow keys.

While the games are only 8-bit they are still brightly colored and some can be challenging and thought-provoking. The Iwawa Retro Pocket gaming device is the smallest handheld device available measuring 3.6 x 1.9 x .5 inches.

It fits in the palm of an adult hand, which also makes it a little awkward and hard for an adult to play for long hours without it hurting them. But because of the size this gaming device is perfect for children with small hands to play on, since they will not have to strain to reach the buttons.

The best thing about the iWaWa Retro Pocket gaming device is that it is so inexpensive. Other than the small size, the inexpensive aspect makes it easier to let children play with, without the fear that they will break an expensive gaming device. And you can buy multiple for all your children without breaking the bank.

If you are looking for a gaming system to provide challenges or modern games this is not the system for you. This system provides easy arcade and retro style games. And the only games that you can play on this device are the games that are preloaded onto it, you are unable to add any new games to this device.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping this gaming device would be a cheaper version of the PSP or DS you were mistaken.

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