GameBoy Pocket Review

Upon its release in 1989, the Nintendo Game Boy was immediately welcomed by gamers all over the world. With its small size, the Game Boy lets everyone play their games wherever they go. The Game Boy models have greatly improved with its various innovations in both audio and graphics throughout the years while sticking to its feature that lets you bring this portable consoles wherever you go.

Still, the classic and easy playing that the older Game Boy models will give everyone back their sense of childhood and how a simple game can last them for hours and days. Following the release of the Game Boy Classic and its famous gray casing, Nintendo released Game Boy Pocket in 1996.

The Game Boy Pocket was a lighter and smaller version when compared to the classic model so you can easily fit them in your pockets. This Game Boy model will surely take you back to the nineties gaming where you can play with classic games like Donkey Kong, Tetris, and even Pokémon. In this article, we will discuss the features of the Game Boy Pocket and why you should have one for yourself.


A summary of the main ingredients of the Game Boy Pocket is as follows:

  • Smaller and lighter than the Game Boy Classic model
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries which can let you play for up to 10 hours
  • Comes with a smaller link port for playing and connecting with other Game Boy Pocket users
  • Has a better monochrome screen than the Game Boy Classic to prevent blurring while playing
  • Has an earphone jack for better sound quality
  • Game cartridges easily slide at the back of the device
  • 8 KB internal RAM
  • 160 x 144 Reflective LCD
  • 6 inches screen size
  • Dimensions: 124 x 76 x 23mm
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

The Game Boy Pocket will immediately transport back to the nineties where you can play classic games like Tetris, Donkey Kong, and even Pokémon. Unlike more advanced game consoles where you need to spend the time to actually play and clear a level, the Game Boy Pocket will offer you an easy way to spend your free time while you are doing your laundry or commuting.

It has a 2.6-inch display that is big enough to play your games easily, while still having a small and compact body which you can fit inside your pockets easily. It runs on two AAA batteries which can last you up to 10 hours of playing.

You can have the option of using your earphones by plugging them in the Game Boy Pocket’s earphone jack or simply use the device’s built-in speaker. Just like the other old Game Boy models, the Game Boy Pocket lets you connect with other users through a USB cable link to play against each other in various games.


  • Lightweight and compact so you can fit it in your pocket and bring it with you anywhere you go
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries which can already last you up to 10 hours of gaming so you won’t need to replace the batteries often
  • Game cartridges slide easily on the back of the Game Boy Pocket and will snap in place to let you know that they are secured and ready to be played
  • Buttons are easy to reach so your hands and fingers will not become strained while playing
  • You can link with other Game Boy Pocket user via a cable link so you can compete with each other in two-player games


  • Just like the Game Boy Classic, the Game Boy Pocket does not have a backlight feature which lets you play in the dark or low light areas
  • The first release of the Game Boy Pocket version does not have a LED power indicator


The Game Boy Pocket is a great portable gaming device that you can have with you anywhere you go since they are small, compact and lightweight. For people who would still like to play their old games, having a Game Boy Pocket will provide you with endless hours of playing that you can do anytime and anywhere.

A single refill of 2 AAA batteries can already last you 10 hours of gaming so you won’t need to worry about the device dying down on you as compared with playing with the newer portable video game consoles.


For individuals who would like to reminisce their gaming experience further, the Game Boy Classic which was originally released in the eighties is a great video game to have. Just like the Game Boy Pocket, the original version does not have a backlight and runs on four AA batteries. This makes the Game Boy Classic bigger and bulkier than the Game Boy Pocket.

The Game Boy Light is a model that was exclusively released in Japan on 1998 which makes it a rare Game Boy model. It features an indigo colored backlight so you can play it in the dark as compare to the Game Boy Pocket model. Furthermore, it runs on two AA batteries which can last up to 20 hours if you choose the setting without the backlight on.


The Game Boy Pocket is one of the best portable video game consoles that were created by Nintendo. Even though there are newer portable video game consoles that provide way better video graphics and audio, one can never forget how easy it is to play with older models.

This video game console can easily fit in your pocket so you can carry it around with you to play during moments when you need to relax or wind down. You can use your old Game Boy cartridges with your Game Boy Pocket model to play old and classic games like Donkey Kong and Tetris, or even relive your Pokémon adventure that you played when you were younger.

Both young and old individuals will love playing with the Game Boy Pocket with its easy interface and ergonomic build that won’t strain your hands while you are playing. A truly retro video game console that is still perfect for playing at present time.

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