Super Mario Maker Console Deluxe Set – Nintendo Wii U Review

Nintendo did it again with the Nintendo Wii U. It mixes the availability of a portable gaming device with a home gaming console. The table can function as both the controller for the Wii gaming system using your television as a screen and can be its own tablet-styled game while the TV is in use.

The Wii Game Pad has a 6.2-inch touch screen with 854×480 pixel resolution, creating a high definition screen great for handheld gaming.

With two analog sticks for multi-directional viewing for your character, plus a directional button pad, and the X, Y, A, and B action buttons, speakers, microphone, camera, and a stylus the Game Pad makes playing any game fun and easy. But because the Game Pad is a little bulky it can be a bit big for tiny hands.

But you can also use the Wii Game Pad as a controller for playing Wii Games on the TV screen. Typically, when the Wii Game Pad is in use as a controller the touchscreen acts as a map in single player games.

When playing the Nintendo Wii U you will need to have the Wii U console hooked up and turned on, even if you are playing on the Wii U Game Pad. And when playing the Wii U console on the TV you can use multiple old Wii Console controllers for the extreme multi-player.

And if being able to play video games on the both the Game Pad and the Wii U console on the TV isn’t enough, you are also able to connect to Wi-Fi and stream movies via Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or other streaming sites.

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  • Game Pad Tablet, allowing for off screen play
  • Limited storage, 32 GB or less
  • Ability to Stream Movies
  • Game Pad can also act as a TV Remote


  • Compatible with old Wii Games
  • Great Internet Browser Available
  • 5 Player Local Multiplayer
  • Ability to use multiple controllers (Gamepad, Pro Controller, Wii Remote, Classic Controller, and even the Game Cube Controllers)


  • No 3rd party support, meaning you can only play games that are created by Nintendo on the Wii U
  • Not many games change nor are new ones released a lot
  • No internal hard drive available


If you like the play video games with in a party setting, or with multiple people, or if you have a family with a lot of small children the Wii U is the console to get.

Not only can you play it on the television, but if the TV is in use you can play multiple games using the screen on the Game Pad/controller. Because you can hook up to 5 controllers to the Wii U it is best for being able to pay local multiplayer games.

The Game Pad does allow you to play some classic Nintendo games like Mario or Smash Bros. You are also able to access the Miiverse, which is the social media site for the Wii. Using your Mii Avatars you are able to post items regarding your games.

But on the other side of the argument, this gaming console is not meant for people who are hardcore gamer. Because there are no third-party games available for the Nintendo Wii U it means that the only games that you can play on the Wii U is the games made by Nintendo.

While this means that all the games available are appropriate for children, it also means that the games are not multiplayer online nor are they fighting, racing or shooter games. And if only being able to play decently kid friendly games is not bad enough Nintendo does not release a lot of new games or upgrades to popular games.

With that being said, you are likely to get bored of playing the same games repeatedly. It is also a downside that there is no hard drive to be able to save games on, so you should save all your games and photos on external hard drives that you can insert into the USB drives that are on the front of the Wii U console.

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